Who are you?

Who am I?

What are your interests?

You read all about them right here. (Working on this)

Off topic, but how are you feeling?

I'm feeling fine, thank you!

Why the minimal design? I know some other even cooler looking Neocities pages. You gotta stick out on this platform, dude!

I really never considered much of the design to be honest. When making the website, I was more focused on making a distinct layout. I feel like a unique layout can make up for a lack of "design". Plus, I also like minimalistic design (not the modern kind), in a sense that there's heavier focus on how things are ordered. Plus, older minimalist designed stuff is just what I like... Something that I am going for on this website. Even black text on a white background can be full of personality too, y'know!

Why is the website cramped like this?

Easier to read. Plus, looks nice on older monitors. Not smartphones, though. Not even going to consider making this website mobile-friendly. Sorry not sorry!

I saw your markup. You seem to really love using margin-top: 50px;.


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