Going to make this real simple and brief...
I'm quite uncomfortable and maybe too self-aware when it comes to listing off my interests, so bear with me if I come off as "beating-around-the-bush"
(More to be added soon, including some images)
(This is also bound to be modified at any given point, but I won't leave an update log for this page)


Most of my interest, believe it or not, lies in music. I just feel like photography is one of my interests that I can easily exhibit and present to others. Music is an awfully subjective medium, so personalizing myself in that aspect was never always a true intention.

Alright... Well anyhow, enough with the narrative style writing. I'm not going to list off favorite artist, because those are hard for me to keep track of. My favorite genres include...

Alternative-Independent Rock
Polvo (obviously)

Really ANY post-hardcore from '95 to '05... e.g. Shiner and At the Drive-In.

"Loud/Droning Tape Noises"
I suppose. What the hell do you call Stars of the Lid?

When I'm not listening to anything rock-oriented....

(not Aphex Twin or BOC)



Is that what it's called?

Perhaps ambient can go here

Recently, a lot of DHR stuff

On that topic, across all of my favorite music, no matter what genre, I tend to gravitate towards artist that utilise to a certain extent some kind of sampling in their work. It's enticing to me, I guess, being someone that loves going to rural thrift stores and finding whatever pre-recorded blank tapes with some sort of madness or absurdity laced within the tape. (Audio and video tapes!)

I'm a guitar player, and have been playing since I was 6 years old. To be honest, though, I only started to appreciate this hobby until I was 14 years old. It's been a more than a few years since then, and I've been playing frequently as a personal hobby.
I'm also a college radio DJ, as well as the chief engineer of the aformentioned college radio station. Not going to say the station ID for privacy reasons of course (however, it can be found on this website somewhere...), but will probably link an MP3 snippit of one of my shows in here at some point. College radio is insanely fun, and I recommend it to anyone who's motivated to not just be a listener, but to also get involved in music.


(To be worked on soon-ish)