Zombie Giuliani, Shiverboard, Antinomie, CPS
Nofun, 2.9.24

After last Thursday's terrible show, I decided to go to a Friday show, hoping to get some better acts in. After all, it had been a few months since I've been to an all-around great show.

Zombie Giuliani

Zombie Giuliani is a 3-piece punk band that is local to the city. Apparently their entire persona is wearing a bunch of masks on stage and parodying right-wing politics. Sounds like fun!

While I did enjoy the energy they had during their set, I genuinely mostly forgot about it. I'm not super into punk stuff so that kind of music usually flies over my head. The crowd seemed to enjoy them.

Zombie Giuliani's Bandcamp


I remember during Zombie Giuliani's set there was this guy moshing that had some insane energy. Motherfucker STOOD OUT from the crowd, literally, but not at the same time as he wasn't exactly standing around, quite the opposite... Well, this guy is the drummer for the band next on the set, Antinomie.

This goofy looking dude also walks up on stage, holding a 7 string bass. Suddenly, the energetic drummer starts hammering down some crazy intricate drumming, then the goofy bassist is hammering down some crazy math rock slaps. I don't know where this is going! Woah! What!!??

That set made me... think...

Apparently, Antinomie was just starting their tour as a brand new band, and Nofun was their first stop. I must've taken their first photos and videos on tour then! Heheheh.

I seriously cannot find any info about this band.


Shiverboard was a force to be reckoned with. First off, the lead guy looked like a janitor and was wearing pants that had the twins from The Shining on it. Second off, they were touring with Antinomie. They were both from the city. Third off, they sounded nothing alike. Bands nowadays will tour with their friends even if they sound completely different.

Shiverboard was absolutely insane. Think of it like the vocalist for Converge wanted his band to sound more punk-like.

Shiverboard's Bandcamp


CPS is a rhythmic trio local to here. I thought they sounded weird. Got a lot of photos of them, though.

They don't have a Bandcamp. :(

Crowd Photos