How can I stand out and function on Neocities? A proposition (or "resolution") for '23...

This is a question that kind-of bugs me from time-to-time. I spent a lot of time on this website, but it's really just my creative outlet. I'm always delighted to get hits on the website, but I always get a nagging feeling that lots of these people that come through my website just scan through it and leave it without much a feeling. It's fairly un-interactive since it's just... well... pages. With text. And images... sometimes. I feel like I should utilize this website a lot more to make something more of it, be not only a creative outlet, but something beyond that. Starting '23, maybe I should.... more of my favorite photos I've taken? Or, maybe other things that I've created? List more things about me other than just my interests? Write more journals and start writing about my experiences in my daily life? Perhaps a more fully conceived and complete redesign? More webpages? Promote the website more?? Dedicate my every fiber of my physical body to this imaginary piece of paper that can be viewed by millions of computer screens??!

There's a lot on that list that I may end up not doing, and some that I'll try to commit to. Bottom line is, for '23, hopefully expect a lot more to be added to drk.ncts. I really would like to go all-in on this project I started almost 2 years ago and to make something more of it. The website is currently at version 3.2. By December '23, version 4 should active and live, if not in the process of being finished, and if not that, started work on.

I hope everyone on Neocities will have a fantastic '23!

Ok... Just a little rant here, but ever since the 2020s have been the present time, it's been getting harder to say the full years. I'm not going to verbally tell someone "twenty-twenty-three"... That's just so tedious to say. At this point, it's going to take one whole breath just to say it in full. We should seriously normalize just saying that last two digits numerically... Like "twenty-three". It's just so much easier and MUCH cooler to say. I'm sick of having to set our present time apart from the 20th century when it was totally normal to talk about years like that. Who's with me!? Anyone...!?

January 8, 2023