What's New...

I feel like updating this more. It's the end of the semester but I have some work to do. Am bored.

I did my final photography assignment for a class and shot with my Canon EOS ElanIIe with some borrowed Ultrasonic lenses with 400 speed color film. I love the fact that I own this camera, but I don't love not owning the lenses I'm borrowing. This 28-135mm that I have the pleasure of using is fucking MARVELOUS! Canon just knows how to make lenses that feel great.

I also had another camera on hand with me, a Nikon F3 loaded with Ultramax with a 24mm lens on it. I think I'm enlightened. The F3 is so nice, I'm thinking of buying one for myself. It's a shame that I'm borrowing it. It's pretty much a perfectly made SLR that's not a pain in the fucking ass like most Olympuses and Minoltas are. I've had the unfortunate displeasure of using an OM-1 to shoot a roll about 4 years ago. The camera is a frustrating un-ergonomic piece of shit that has a film advance so sharp it was giving me blisters and loading the film was also terribly frustrating. Even a Canon AE-1 from this era would be marginally better than using this! I can't imagine why anyone would want to use an SLR pre-1980.

That was fun enough to distract me from everything else going on. I'm just terribly busy with everything right now. Two weekends in a row of traveling to see friends and I haven't really had a day to myself. I'm typing this right now on shift at work, and then when work ends I have to go straight to classes for 6 hours straight. This has been the last 4 months for me, but luckily with monotony comes time seeming like it's going by fast. And you know what? I don't hate it. For the time being. I just hate being in this university.