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These entries came from an old blogspot page I ran back in 2018.

Final Update

Due to this blog having no more use for me, this blog will be going inactive as of today. The posts here will stay up but I will not be posting here anymore. If you have any questions just message me on my (social media) or my (social media). I'll be sure to reply as soon as possible.



Sorry that I was gone for so long, The last month of school was stressful for me, so there was a lot of studying. School ended on June 21st for me. Expect a lot of videos this summer!



Happy late Easter! Sorry for being inactive here. I have gotten a some stuff that I'll be using for video production. They are an HDMI to AV and AV to HDMI box(es), 6 blank DVC tapes, and a DVC head cleaner. New videos could be coming this month!



I have found out how to convert MiniDV [DVC] tapes, Video8 tapes, and more into VHS. I feel kind of dumbfounded not finding out about this before, but it's not really that interesting. It's actually really simple. Basically what you have to do is find the video out ports onto your camera and plug the ends into line 2 on the VCR. I guess it's useful for broadcast or home movie purposes, so it's not something that you would need. Just thought this was worth sharing!


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Kinda interesting... lol