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Website Update Log

[November 28, 2019]

[Edit - December 22, 2019]

I know there hasn't been many updates on this site. I'm just starting my school year and have been dealing with a lot of work. Things are getting in the way of my work time so I couldn't have time to focus on my website.
I am planning on moving the website to a brand new domain. No more webhostapp url (thank god),  It'll be it's own domain. Expect this to happen very soon, possibly in the next few days weeks or  months, I don't know for now. - Also I am planning on completely reworking the site, which means no more simple HTML page. It'll  be a modern, fully functional, professional site. Of course, this will be a long term project, so don't  expect to happen in a few days. It might take me a month for all I know. Hopefully by (mid) 2020, this website will be completely reworked.
That's it for now. There will be a new blog post once I make the switch over to the new domain, so keep a look out for it. Cheers!

Edit note
I should've edited this sooner. Due to procrastination (of course) and lots of schoolwork, I'm postponing this entire rework until I have the time to do these things. In the meantime, I have created a 88x31 button for this website. Feel free to use it on your website!!!


These are supposed to be party popper emojis, but Neocities is kind of broken in displaying emojis

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of my website!

These are supposed to be party popper emojis, but Neocities is kind of broken in displaying emojis


Website Update Log

[August 20, 2019]

Removed (social media) link and re-added (social media) link on homepage, I don't really like using (social media) so it'd take a while to get a response out of me if you DM me there.
That is all for now, just a small update. Expect more to come soon!


Website Update Log

[August 14, 2019]

Added the Archive - basically just my website throughout the year. September 3rd will be my site's 1 year anniversary!


Website Update Log

[July 21, 2019]

Disregard the last post I made saying that there will be no more updates for a while, I am working on redesigning the website!
Changed background picture and font.
That's all for now, expect some changes in the future!

[Edit - July 22, 2019]

Since I don't want to make another post for this small addition, I added a comment box to the blog.


Website Update Log

[July 11, 2019]

This may be my last update for a while because I really have nothing else to do to this website.
Removed (social media) link and (social media) link.


Website update log

[May 25, 2019]

Removed 'Coming Soon!' from the navigation bar, the project that was going to replace it is currently put on hiatus.
Added a 403 page.


Website update log

[May 23, 2019]

Removed the <style> tag on all webpages, replaced it with styles.css.


Website update log

[April 22, 2019]

Removing the download links page. (New addition coming soon!)
Removing the (social media) link since I'm abandoning the (account).
Changed the News section into Blog.


Website update log

[March 14th, 2019]

Download links have been fixed, turns out the website offering the download links expires after a day.

Also happy Pi day!


I am going to be setting up a downloads page on the website for some files that I have. Some of them are from my (social media) page, while others are some stuff stored on my hard drive.

It's currently in the works right now, but when it's ready it'll show up on the menu at the top.

In other news, I might be buying a domain soon and using it as my website. The files will be moved &to there and this website will just be a redirect, similar to my old blog. Stay tuned for more updates!


Hello there! I am starting a news section on my website!

This going to be very similar to my blog that I created as a mini project back in early 2018, before I created this website. I am going to be using blogger to type out the posts and then copy the html styling and paste it here. I know it may seem lazy, but it's a lot easier than writing source code just to make it look right.

With the start of this section, I will be deleting the link to the chatroom, but I'll keep up the files for it for a few months until I delete them. I'll do this in case anyone wants to use the source code for their own projects.
My posting schedule will be rather infrequent since I really can't keep up due to all the school work I have.
Anyways, see ya!