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A Conclusion to a Long Project
Edit - July 4, 2021: This entry aged like milk.

It's been a while since I've checked on my website. I haven't found the time to really update it at all, and it's sort of been stuck in this spot in my mind where I ask myself, "Should I continue to move on with learning HTML and CSS or not?" or, "Does my website really need to keep being updated?" I've taken my mind off of my website for a while too.

Now, there are many factors to this whole hiatus that I have been having. The main factor to this whole hiatus is that I honestly don't feel motivated anymore to update this site anymore. I've sort of found out myself that coding is not really my thing. It's sort of strange to me because I feel like everybody I know is into coding in some way or another, and I feel like I'm an odd one out for not really liking it, but I feel as if it's just not interesting to me. Staring at a text editor for hours on end trying to see if whatever you typed into it happens to work is just something that doesn't work for me. I've done several freeCodeCamp video courses but I would just find myself stopping halfway through the video just feeling like I'm not really doing too much with it. It's like I'm forcing myself to like it, but I'm finding myself just really not liking it at all. This all coincides with my current outlook on this whole website project. I'm finding that updating the website is becoming a chore now, hoping that my CSS and HTML isn't broken every time I force myself to do an update. I haven't been really polishing on my HTML and CSS skills as well, so my updates don't really do much for the website.

The second factor is school. This school year, [redacted], has been the hardest school year for me. It's made even more difficult when I am doing full classes remote, which is extremely hard for me since it's ridiculously easy to get distracted during classes. I'm also in a new district as well so it's very easy for me to feel lost with how the classes operate. To the people who find remote learning to be easier, if not better than a typical school day, all I ask is, how? Like seriously, how is this easy to you? This is torture, no joke. Seeing my grades plummeting as a result of distracting environment and the disconnect with teachers is hard.

There are a couple websites updates that I've announced in the past and have not gotten to, I'll be going over the reasons why they were not done.

Back in November 2019, I announced that I was going to move my website to a proper domain and not staying on Webhostapp. I was hoping to do this in the start of 2020, but I didn't get to it because I had taken my mind off of it. My dad was going to help me and would buy a domain off of GoDaddy for me, and he would host it himself. Of course, we never ended up getting to this because he passed away in March. At that point, I had lost motivation for partaking in the domain change. This website is going to stay on Webhostapp.

I technically already went over this. My HTML and CSS skills are limited, and I have no hopes in continuing on with learning more advanced stuff. I was sort of at this point by the time early 2020 had hit.

So, what's the plan? What will I do with this website moving into the future? It's unfortunate for me to announce this, but I am going to end the updating of this website. From this point on (really from August 31st) this website will look the same. It's a sad conclusion to a 2 year long project, I know, but there's really not much I can do at all. Coupled with school getting in the way, and it's sort of become a thing where I sometimes forget that I even have this website still up. Will I still keep updating the blog? Most likely not. I don't really have much of a reason to update it anyways.

There's a lot of things still on the website that I might need to do something about if I will not be updating the website anymore. The HTML Comment Box will stay up. I think it's good for it to stay up even though I won't be making anymore blog posts, but I think it would still add atmosphere to the website, despite it being abandoned. I will still be checking on it here and there to see if it has been taken over by spam.

The links on the main page will stay for a short time, but I may remove them in the future. I don't want any contact info lingering around on an abandoned website.

The blog archive and the website archive will stay up. I don't have really any reason to remove stuff from them. Some of the files on the website archive are pretty important.

Well, this is it. A tough conclusion to a 2 year long project. I'd like to thank my friends on (chat application) for motivating me to keep the website going. I'd also like to thank w3schools' HTML guide for being the least convoluted and easiest to apply HTML guide. This website alone has helped me move through the updating of several parts of this website.

All in all, this was a really fun learning experience for me and taught me a lot about how to apply my knowledge to something that I can work on. It gave something to work on while I was bored or felt like I needed to do something with my free time.

Thank you all so much. It's been a tumultuous but fun 2 years, and today marks the end of those 2 years.

September 3, 2018 - November 6, 2020

P. S.
Just because I have stopped updating the website doesn't mean the date at the bottom of the homepage will stop updating now. Like mentioned above, There might be a few times where I may have to update it, so don't get too excited if the date on there changes.


Website Update Log
(2 year anniversary edition?)

[August 31st, 2020]

Finally, a working redesign! I have removed my 88x31 buttons (I assumed from the beginning that no one was using them anyways.) and added an About Me section, including the addition of my music links and stuff.
Removed the background. It's gotten very old to see it over and over again so I'm just removing it entirely instead of making a new one. I kind of like the website without it.
Changed the font to something a little more modern. (Not like the previous one wasn't modern enough...) It's Source Sans Pro if anyone's wondering.
I've finally added proper text margining to the blog section. No more messy Blogspot HTML!

Also, September 3rd is going to be my site's 2 year anniversary! I thought of celebrating it by giving my website a minor redesign. It was needed for a very long time so I took the initiative to finally do it instead of putting it off for longer.

That's it for now! Although this may be not the most major overhaul in terms of design, it feels good to give my website a much needed update.

Sorry that I haven't been updating the website recently, I have been working on a lot of stuff at the moment and it's been getting tougher to find time to work on my website.

My website's 2 year anniversary is coming up. (2 years already? Damn, time sure does fly.) I'll be planning on something soon.


Website Update Log

[July 2nd, 2020]

Removing my old computer project from the navigation bar. It'll be in the Archive.
Cleaned up my file system. Placed all of the images and html buttons in a designated folders to  reduce clutter.
Changed favicon.

Plans for the road ahead? I'm thinking of cleaning up the HTML code next, and doing small changes  to the website's look. I don't know about a redesign yet... For the past few months I have been trying  to do it and it is really tough. I do have the new HTML files that I am going to use for the redesign  but admittedly I haven't actually touched them in a couple of months... Like I said, it's pretty tough.  I'll let you guys know in an upcoming blog post if I do end up undergoing this redesign. 


Website Update Log

[June 20th, 2020]

Removing (social media) link, adding (social media) and (social media) links back. I barely use (social media) for messaging  people, so it's pointless to have it up. 

I hope to get back into updating my website in the coming months. It's going to take a little bit, but I  hope to revamp my website soon. I'm not guaranteeing anything, since my family is currently in the  process of moving, but I hope to get things going soon.


No new blog posts for the next coming months.