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In preperation for the new year, I've moved over the blog archive pages to accommodate for the 2022 blog archive page.


Website version 3.1 is released!

After over a month, I finally get to working on this old website. A new logo and a change from using Arial to a blockier font. I may alternate between Osaka and MS Gothic just to see which is better.

Sorry if this is rather brief. There's still some more stuff that I have going to work on, and just wanted to get the new-ish design released. Stay tuned!


10k hits... Wow! Thank you all a ton for sticking with my website, it's honestly been so amazing to see actual people come across my website and to browse through it, considering I've never had an audience for my website for the past 3 years. Again, thank you all!

Last week, I did say that the main.css file needed to be commented, and that's been going well. During the time I was commenting it, I decided to fix a crucial issue with the blogpage margining on smaller screens and mobile phones, which was replacing the percentage margin value with a set px. That's done and over with, so hopefully this site should be slightly more mobile/smaller screen friendly. The new logo for the site hasn't been on my mind that much, admittedly. I may divert my attention away from that prospect though, because I decided to re-lookover my website yet again and found out there were even more things to fix. I'll make a blog entry about the fixes after I get done with the main.css commenting, that way I don't bombard myself with too many announcements.


Changed the font of "CNUG" on the index page. I'd like to make it a routine of changing the text's font every 3 months or so, adds a bit of variation to the website's minimal design. I would like to create a logo at some point, though. What I'd like to get done next is make a 88x31 button, but, since my site is so minimal to the point where I don't have a main sort of "branding", I've really got nothing that I would put on the button that would tell someone about this website or who runs it. I feel like I have a rough idea as to what kind of logo I want, but it's not really "there" in my mind.

One other thing that I'd also like to do is to fully comment my main.css file. Although no one's really asking for it, nor is it entirely required in building websites, it's kind of good practice to always comment your code. This could take as much time as the 88x31 button, since both are pretty quick to get done, given I know what the hell I want to do.


I recently just got a crap ton of photos developed. Picked some of my favorites out of the over 100 or so pictures and uploaded them, they can be found at the bottom of the film photos page.

In these rolls were some of my vacation photos from over the summer, most of which being from my Mass to Maine trip. I decided to make two whole pages dedicated to the photos, which can be found here and here.


I'm currently writing this at 12:30 AM on September 4th... So this still counts.
Today (yesterday technically) marks the 3rd year anniversary of my website! 3 years in the making. That is all, thanks!


My website's 3rd anniversary is coming up in a little over a week or so, September 3rd. Unsure as to what I'm going to do by then, probably not much. I took my mind off this website for a few weeks due to work and focusing and personal matters, I plan to get back to working on this website in the near future.

Can't help but notice all the views the website is getting. 7,123 views as of typing this! Didn't expect this little place to gain this much traction.


I should at least give this notice for the time being... If there's a decrease in site updates.
I have a part-time job now, 4 days a week. When school starts, this freetime will become even more hard to manage with. So yeah... C'est la vie.


I'm currently working on a Elephant 6 image archive. The archive itself as of 7/21 is 280 MB large, and it's still growing. I started working on it on 7/19, and still plan working on it, gathering as many photos as I can from E6 fansites. I'm thinking of maybe adding it to my website as soon as I'm done gathering as many photos as I can, but it'll be a tough and lengthy process. The image archive, which is being hosted on Google Drive, can be found here.


More updates? Yep. Even more. I did some more tinkering with the website, making it now a tad bit more organized.

I've categorized and sectioned my blog posts by year, making the blog archive a bit less hectic to scroll through. On top of this, I've done some minimal cleaning with my blog archive page. I closed off some open <div> tags that seemed to be fucking with the whole page. In the future, I plan on completely cleaning out the blog archive's markup. For now, at least deal with the minimal cleaning that I've done. haha

Decided to add a new page to the index of the site. the camera collection page is now placed in the extras page.


Decided to do a few little minor updates to polish the website up a bit more.

I got rid of the old joke 404 page and replaced it with a typical 404 page. 

Added some of my old Blogger posts to the blog archive. 

Planning on adding a bit more photos to the film photography section. I have to get some prints scanned, so it may take a bit.

As for the minor redesign? It could come soon, I don't know when, but hopefully I could get it kickstarted in the next coming weeks. One thing I can announce is that the camera collection page is currently being worked on, and I plan to have photos ready of all the cameras on it too.

One more quick thing to add -- This blog may be used a bit more, not just for website updates, but for other posts too, which means this part of the website may be updated a bit more, as opposed to how it was back then.


There's been minimal updates here and there for my website. Some photos have been added to the digital section for the past few weeks. The school year pretty much ends in a few days, so that'll give me more time to work on this website.


Just did a bit more polishing some of the pages on the site, also added more photos added on the photography page. Some extra files were added on the archive page

...There's also a guestbook for the site now, the link to it is hidden in my about page.


Website version 3.0 is now finished! After two redesigns (one being in November 2018, and the other being in July 2019), I finally have a fully fledged redesign!

I'm rebranding this site under my new (old) username, cnug. Straying away from my old one. (well, not entirely)

New sections added -- about section, photography section, and my camera collection. (which is technically unfinished, just wanted to get it out asap)

Blog section redone, as you can see. Still relatively the same, just a more minimalist design.

This whole site was made from the ground up. This is not an update from my old site's files, which is a mess of files that I'm not even using. I also managed to make this site in a week, somewhat on a whim. The school year is coming to a close, so work is not as backed up as it was at the peak of the year.


Talk about a quick change in decision, right? Back in November 2020, I talked about how I was completely done with the site. Now, here I am bringing this site back to life. My change in decision was due to the fact that I found a lot of potential in being on Neocities, as opposed to 000webhost. Neocities is more of a community of people, all equally into web-building and stuff of that matter, while 000webhost is more of just a general web hosting platform.


Blog entries from this point going into the past come from my website before design update v3. (Current website style as of 5.30.21)

  Final update - Moving the website to a new domain/URL

Edit - February 3, 2021

I know that I wasn't planning on updating the website anymore, but this is sort of a necessity moving into 2021 and onward.

I have moved the website from [link removed] to https://darek.neocities.org/. This had to be done due to personal info being linked to the old URL, as well as other privacy reasons. [link removed] will now automatically redirect to https://darek.neocities.org/. The Neocities domain will be kind of broken and a bit janky, but since this website is currently deprecated, It's really out of my hands at this point. The Archive will remain a 403, as Neocities automatically set it as a forbidden file, but I don't mind keeping it like that, as there really isn't a point in me keeping it up. The HTML comment box will be removed too, I also don't have a reason in keeping it up.

Treat this new domain as sort of an archive of my website - A standstill version of it after its last update.

Regarding my final blog post, I had said that I was done with web design as a whole - this is actually not true anymore. I am currently working on a large scale website with a friend, that I had ironically started working on a month after my final blog post. It is still a heavy WIP, but as soon as I get a finished version of it working, I will be announcing it on one of my social media accounts. It is currently about 20% done, and should be finished sometime this year.